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    Designs Business Decals


    Skinit offers business decal signs available for floors, walls and windows. All decal signs are made from the industry’s highest quality materials which are safe on surfaces and easy to apply. Use code: CORP50 at checkout on company orders of 10-100 units

    Create Custom Floor Decals


    Customize your floor decals to fit all your business needs with multiple sizes and shapes to choose from and the highest quality, industry leading material.

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    Shop Window Decals


    Catch people’s attention with personalized window decals made from the highest quality 3M vinyl. Easy and safe to apply and won’t leave any sticker residue behind.

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    Market your business in your style with vibrant custom decal signage. Made from the highest quality 3M vinyl makes each easy and safe to apply on nearly any wall without damaging the surface.

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    Create Custom Cut Decals


    One of a kind wall skins perfectly cut and tailored to your image to create any shape desired for a truly customized decal sign.

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    Shop Safety Decals


    Promote social distancing best practices with decal signs made from industry leading 3M vinyl material that are easy to apply and remove with no residue.

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    Market your business in your style with vibrant custom decal signage. Made from the highest quality 3M vinyl makes each easy and safe to apply on nearly any wall without damaging the surface.

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    Skinit Floor Decals are a premium 3.5 Mil vinyl with printed with a Latex UV Ink then protect with 4.00 Mil clear Vinyl to provide ease of installation and removal. Skinit Floor Decals can last up to 3 to 5 years with proper care, but is easily removable for shorter time use. Perfect for warning signed, promotions, advertising and directional needs in the workplace.

    Perfect for long or short term use depending on location, they will remove easily with no residue if removed within 6 to 12 months. But will last up to 5 years and still be easily removed with Minimal residue to clean.

    Bonds well with Hardwood, Polished concrete, Vinyl, Steel, ABS, wood, Tile (with no grout).


    Removable Intermediate 3M vinyl film with advanced repositionability and Comply™ adhesive for easier, bubble-free application. This white vinyl versatile film is excellent for general signage, POP, walls, Glass trucks, partial vehicle wraps, and carpet graphics.

    Printed with vibrant UV resistant latex ink and protect with a 3M laminate for up to 7 years of life. Provides slideability, tack and snap-up that graphic installers have come to expect from 3M™ Controltac™ Graphic Films. Up to 7-year expected performance life.

    Good for Buildings & Walls, Cars & Vans, Displays, Floors, Floors & Sidewalks, Labels, Opaque Signs, Other Signs (Opaque Signs), Trucks and trailers, Vehicles & Transportation, Walls, Windows, Windows & Glass.


    Surface must be clean prior to application of graphics. Traditional cleaning methods can be used to prepare the surface. Ensure that the surface is adequately dry before application of graphics. [CAUTION: Skinit’s System for Graphic Advertising for Floors can be applied at a temperature as low as 50°F (10°C).]

    Peel the backing paper (release liner) 1” down from the top. Fold, and crease the backing paper.

    Align and apply the graphic starting at the top using firm strokes with a plastic squeegee, stiff cardboard, or a soft cloth. Continue removing the backing paper and smooth out the squeegee. Re-squeegee the edges of the graphic using firm strokes to ensure edge adhesion.


    The pressure activated adhesive on this film offers:
    - Smooth Sliding into position on a substrate
    - Fast finger taking to check position; and
    - Easy Snap-up and repositioning when you need it


    This feature is lost when:
    - Firm pressure with a squeeze or other application tool is applied.
    - Application temperatures above 100 degrees F, even if only a light finger pressure was used for tacking.
    - Any part of the film is removed from the original liner and reapplied to the same or other liner.


    This 3m film is not highly conformable and it not a good choice for complex curves.

    Removal may require heat after a period of time.


    Do not clean or wax graphics for at least 24 hours after application.

    When selecting a floor wax, ensure it meets or exceeds ASTM D 2047 standards for appropriate static coefficient of friction (.5 min).

    Avoid damaging graphics by heavy equipment traffic (fork trucks, pallets, or other heavy equipment). CAUTION: To avoid risk of injury, immediately remove graphics if any edge of the graphic lifts, and replace with a new graphic.


    Skinit Decals are removable not not re-useable to begin to remove Lift one edge of the graphic and pull, using short quick strokes. Pull at an angle less than 45 degrees for best results.

    Depending on the installation surface and how long the decal has been installed, there may be some residue left over. Use an adhesive remover that is safe on your surface. You decal should come cleanly off most surfaces up to 6 to 12 months, after this period removability becomes more difficult.

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